Friday, October 30, 2009

Summers Experience of Intern

...... Student @ IIT guwhati : Manish Goyal
Our anxieties about career compel us to explore all the possibilities our education could afford us and Internship is one of them. Internship provides a fantastic opportunity to get one's feet wet in a career that he/she is interested in learning more about. Additionally, it is a major highlight of IIT education. Confused about what to write (which I want to or I have to), I preferred to go with my instincts. 27th March was the day I received an offer from Verimag Research Lab, France - a leading research center which provides theoretical and technical means for modeling, developing and verifying real time systems. Model Checking and verification being my interest area, it was like a dream come true. You might find it amusing that I started applying on 12th March and that too to 6-7 places only. (I guess most of my fellow undergrads will be little surprised!)Well... application, confirmation and finally getting a go ahead was one-of-its-kind experience. Though visa process was a nightmare, I was relaxed as I was not going to US of A. (I've heard how difficult and long the process is for US!)Anyway, I had to leave on 15th May and my visa got ready on 14th. (I was happy to know that we students are not the only ones who won't do things unless it's deadline!) I reached Delhi Airport at 7:30 in morning although the flight was scheduled at 11:55. Call it excitement, or fear of Delhi traffic. I met an IITG guy going on same flight and journey to Paris flied away in a wink. Happiness of stepping on foreign land was enhanced manifold in train journey when a gorgeous dutch girl seated beside me started the conversation with a "Bonjour". Rest of our chat was in English. I wished the train ran a bit slow!!! Unfortunately, the train I boarded was one of the world's fastest (TGV) and I realized the importance of "Indian Rail"! I reached Grenoble at 1:50 in night. Raj, my friend, was there to receive and a tram was waiting for me ;) A day full of experiences was followed by a good sleep.Next morning, it was wonderful to see myself surrounded by beautiful mountains Chartreuse, Belledonne and Alps covered with snow. What a fantastic start of a new day in a new country with an awesome climate among new people! I roamed around the city and tried adapting to different life. Meeting my advisor Dr. Oded Maler (a pioneer in my interest area) was nice experience. He made me comfortable with lab routine, access policies etc. None was allowed to be in lab after midnight and in Dr. Maler's words - "You are supposed to sleep during night". (Any chance he might be aware of IITians' schedule???) I discussed about my project assignment, though earlier I had no idea what it was all about. Good to know that people were flexible and open to my ideas too. Food (followed by language) was the major problem as even non-veggies found it difficult to survive. So we (Me, Rohith and Goverdhan) ended up cooking on our own with me as the lead and only chef! Almost settled, it was time for one of the important part - Euro trip and first destination decided was Switzerland. We procured eatables which were not supposed to be affordable in Swiss. Train journey through lush green valleys, snow covered mountains, dark tunnels, waterfalls cast a perfect image in our minds. We visited Mount Titlis, Interlaken, Luzern, Geneva, Zurich. Shockingly, met Indians at every place. Height was when we were traveling to Mount Titlis and an Uncle, in a train moving in opposite direction, shouted: "Beta, kahan se aa rehe ho?". Kudos to our Population!! Those night-outs added another feather to Swiss "cap" which we spent either roaming around or in trains.We also traveled to Cannes, the city of hotels and Nice, city of "beautiful" beaches. Got chance to watch fabulous fireworks celebrations on Bastille Day. After spending 2 and half months and with collection of 1500+ pics (Digicam has revolutionized the photography world with thinking "10 mein se 1-2 to acchi niklengi"), it was time to come out of the dream. We had already reserved 2 days for Paris and it was mesmerizing to see crowd in this Fashion City. Louvre, Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe and Sacré-Cœur were quite a few places we could cover. Till now, I have portrayed only the lighter side. You would wonder if I ever worked! Indeed, I worked hard rest of the time. There was a sense of responsibility too to keep up the legacy of IIT brand. I was involved in implementation of small part of one of their project. Who else would be happier than CS guys if they get to code! On positive side, I got a chance to familiarize myself with Matlab/Simulink that is helping me in my thesis now. Everyone was cooperative and approachable. In true sense, I have realized how actual research is being done. Their passion towards work and research is commendable. People there maintain clear demarcation between personal and professional life. They enjoy every moment - be it at workplace or outside. I thanked Dr. Maler and Alex (my co-guide) after discussing future aspects and research opportunities in my field. Having enjoyed a lot, I waved adieu to France and reached back on 24th July. My vote of thanks to my supervisor Dr. Purandar Bhaduri for his support and encouragement that got me started in the first place. Thanks to my friends Prabhat and Vallabh for playing "first critics" to this piece. Wish everyone a bright future!Manish GoyalMTech CSE, Year II

Friday, October 9, 2009

Global warming and Climate change...

... @B School
I am not talking about the global warming and climate which we can notice on every channel, newspaper and many summits are going on, it is the one which is not caused by CO2 and also whose solution is not the Kyoto protocol. It the one which is ruling the B school and the corporate world from past one year. The one caused by recession. I am talking about the summers @ B School along with switching a job, sustaining present ones and final placement in across the colleges in different field. The summers are not tht fun as they use to be, Day -1 of summers use to bring smile on the whole batch because the pace with which people were getting offers were like a dream, But recession has changed the summers, it is long not the matter of a day or two. Like our normal summers, B school summers are longer, more hot and also make the college and students to sweat like anything. But why I am blaming the one factor i.e. recession for this like we blame the cutting trees as major reason. But there are many other reasons for this like we have people not bothering about things, population increase, cutting trees, increasing vehicle and factories, more automation and technology dependency similarly many reasons are here like increased number of seats (IIM’s having 300+, NITIE – 200+ etc), introducing quota, not having eligible people because of quota, people are too costly, even they getting good things everyone wants best and companies getting other and better options.
But I must say this summer is too hot for two year people that is 2008 and 2009. They are badly hilted by recession core reason, but coming batches are also not going to be as lucky as they expected to be. Authorities has to understand the importance of limited seats and quality. Quota, increasing seats etc making the things tougher, as number of colleges also increasing the things can not be as beautiful as it use to be. The glory of B school will be on down side if the things are same. It is time for authorities and college management to understand the importance of these things and keep the glory to enlighten the whole world rather than diluting them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First day in B school

..... Day always has it's own importance.
It’s different, it’s unique like other first day.
First day in job, First day in school , first day in college all are special days for everyone. So is the first day in business school. But it is different from the other. People, environment or I would say everything, First day brings nervousness, excitement, sadness and more happiness. It is very different sort of feeling. But what in b school people not nervous as they are mature enough, crazy to get attention , eager to meet people, more group talks from very beginning. Sometimes it feels everybody knows each other from years, so do you. No need to pick and choose, you keep on going talking each other. May be that’s the reason you find breaking and making of relation afterwards. People more busy in talking about themselves rather than knowing others. Ready to grab attention, importance, want to be among cool dudies, but in end every one turns out to be acting same so no result for anyone. But effort goes on for things can’t be explained and put into world but can be experienced and felt. Different feeling in the environment full off confidence, artificiality in the air, enthusiasm, knowledge, over self appreciation, energy and friendliness which is over in some cases. Most importantly exitement and passion in eyes of people with hopes of bright future and life.
I would say rather than excitement, fear and happiness together there is friendliness, professionalism, confidence, bit of artificiality and showcase. Which make it different and unique from other first day. Whatever you never get feeling it is first day as rather seems to be some corporate party or meeting. But it is also experience of life, which has learning’s and memories like other experiences.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chandler’s Laugh

....... Laugh with reason and without reason
When i see FIRENDS episode in which chandler laughs on weird jokes of his boss and ask Monika to laugh without any reason . In end showing Monika jaws are paining. I found that some thing which is rubbish. I think why one should laugh without reason. Is laughing is going to effect things around. So I though in TV these people show anything but I enjoyed episode a lot and may be seen more then thrice as fun but i don’t know that this is going to be part of life. I thought is not real just a another fun sequence.
But but but i was wrong, If you see the corporate world and b school environment . The situation is very similar. People laughing without any reason. People speaking anything but everyone around is laughing without any reason. Your boss is cracking jokes which are not even jokes and you making loud laugh on same. This is the corporate world; you have to do the things which you don’t want to. If you not laughing people may think you have high attitude or your boss may think you not comfortable with team and many other possibilities like you not liking particular person, you are proudy etc etc. Which may have wrong impact on your image and career. This is what a corporate world is and specialy after B school when you enter the office in initial stages you can expect same a lot. People speaking laughs himself and sees with bright eyes in expectation you will also laugh and then you will give hi-fi and say wow. Sometimes you feel like frustrated if you not person who cracking jokes, and you feel like headache and such a pain to give artificial laugh after every line or in every 5-10 mins.
But whatever it is, you will definitely enjoy the life there and with such useless acts in jobs still you will have satisfaction if has good work. But some times these weird things may irritate. But to keep your peers and higher’s happy don’t forget to laugh. So laugh with reason and without reason, As we all laughing is good for health, So you following fitness mantra without any effort o giving extra time in parks etc.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey Man , Hey dude...

... IT Culture
If you will be entering in the IT office (any of MNC) from the entrance to lift , then in lift and up to your cubicle you will listen more than 20-30 times “Hey Man” , Hey Dude” . That’s the IT culture what to say about it , initially it may sound as symbol of being more western or modern. Initially it smells good, u like the taste and you also start saying. You also try to become cool dude.
But with time the artificiality from it start growing. It seems as if it is all drama, why people around you are not natural. Why always wear that forced smile and calling you “Hey men” when you have such nice name. It’s more like you are not close to someone at all. But you have to pretend the same. IT is place where there is more drama so as you are in good book of every one. Sorry to say 360 review is responsible for this. Then you praising and talking to you seniors like “Hey men” as if you are very good friend and on back you saying nice dirty words for them. People who want to be natural really hate all this. But dear this is the truth whether you like it or not. Either be an actor or get practice to bear it. Learn to have big false smile on face with “hey men” you did awesome job.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

NITIE, IIM , IIT,IISERs and IISC in top rung

.............Pay sets tech hierarchy
New Delhi, Aug. 7: Faculty at the Indian Institutes of Information Technology will no longer receive salaries as high as their counterparts in IITs, under a new pay regime that redefines the hierarchy among India’s apex technical education institutions.
The IIITs and the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad have been stripped of pay parity with the IITs and placed a peg lower with the National Institutes of Technology, top government officials told The Telegraph.
The new pay regime, approved by the cabinet yesterday, has hiked the salaries of teachers across all central technical institutions, keeping them above the pay of faculty at the country’s central universities.
Officials continued to remain tight-lipped about the exact amount that teachers at these institutions will receive.
But the pay hierarchy sharpens the government’s definition of its premier institutions, relegating others to a second rung ignoring pleas for parity from their teachers, sources said.
The IITs, the IIMs, the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research and the National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, have been placed in the apex set of institutions. Faculty at these institutions will enjoy the highest pay scales on offer in government educational institutions under the new regime, sources said.
But teachers at the IIITs — a brand of IT schools that India conceived a decade back to cash in on the country’s booming software industry — and ISM Dhanbad will have to settle for less.
As of now, faculty at the IIITs and ISM Dhanbad receive the same pay as the IITs, officials said.
“The reason for this was that the former were considered the country’s top IT schools and the latter the apex mining institution. But the new pay regime recognises them as a grade lower than the IITs,” a source said.
The IIITs and the ISM have been placed in a second rung — behind the apex set of institutes — with the NITs under the new pay structures, sources said. The same structure — of two rungs — will hold for salaries of directors of the institutes, with the heads of the IITs, IIMs, IISERs, IISc Bangalore and the NITIE receiving more than the rest.
The cabinet’s approval for salary hikes came after a government team fine-tuned recommendations of a panel it had appointed under former IISc Bangalore director Goverdhan Mehta to revise pay scales.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Third Q adding in Corporate Succes

.... Rather than just skills and Knowledge take care of these Q's To be successful in this corporate world rather than just skills and knowledge you require to have Inteligent Quotient , Emotional Quotient. But with more competition , more emphasis on customer satisfaction one more Q added in list which is require for corporate success and organisation looking in their employees is etiquette Quotient. Organisation wants their employees to learn how to talk, walk and eat in public. Looking for people who take care of their clothes. Proper grooming is done, As their employees representing their organisation, so they reflecting the company status as well well mannered person b